cropped-a304063b-3649-4abf-9268-e4196dfef7742.jpegHi. I’m Kaliswa. I live in New York City.  I’m very very proud to be an American, and a first generation American at that.  My name means “Let There Be Peace” and I’m trying to live up to that charge as I move through the world.  I’m interested in finding out what we all have in common so we can start the work of healing that we desperately need to survive these times. I’m an actor. A lover of fitness. And a newly reconnected (if slightly skeptical) Christian.  I believe that there is room for all of us in this world and in this country no matter our race, ethnicity,  nationality, gender, orientation, level of education, etc, etc, etc, etc! I’m learning & growing & hungry for conversation, understanding & action. Let’s talk. Let’s fix things.